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Happy New Year!

Lichen in 19-- at O'Donnells or La Cantina

Memories! When I look at this picture, it brings it all back. What a great time! Something that springs from friends that loved and still love playing music together to entertain themselves and then shared with all the people loving the same music. Trying to date and place this photo brings up a quirky dilemma, of course the exact date/performance, but also the stage (obvious to us in the know) brings the question which particular name of the establishment. Lichen is known for many things, but one maybe less known fact is that many times we just play and play and play at a certain building.....through many name changes perhaps....and then, at the end, the place ceases to exist and we keep moving on. In the case of this stage, we played on it as La Cantina, O'Donnell's Irish Tavern and Slammers, and even some of us as The Lamplighter. It is now a Market Basket, but they haven't called us yet to play there.

This picture is dated by how young we all look and the strobe tuner on my speaker, but also by the colorful tie-dyes from our Lichen friend Wayne that he let us hang up for while. If I can't date it specifically, it is in the 1990's anyway. This could have been a New Year's gig and it made me think of the ones we did. I wanted to know how many we have done. From all my calendars, notes, etc., it seems to be around 13. Some years we played all around 12/31, but not always on the exact date. One special New Year's Eve was December 31, 1997 at THUMS in Concord when John assembled the Deep Fried Horns and wrote out the parts for all the different horns. We had so many special guests. The setlist was:

Franklin's Tower

Beat It On Down The Line

Little Bit O' Bad

Chain Of Fools

Up On Cripple Creek

Singing The Blues

Little Red Rooster



Mississippi Half-Step

Tell The Truth

Deep Fried Horn songs

Blue Sky

Stay With Me

Not Fade Away>

Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad

Man Smart/Women Smarter

Big Railroad Blues

encore: The Weight

The special guests performers were Ben Rudnick, Frank Tillotson, Jim Daskal, Tom Daskal, and Wayne Hughes encompassing many different instruments and soundman help. While the Deep Fried Horns played, John was on the sax and some of the other guitarists guests played the guitar. While Frank was playing his trombone, one of the special guests manned the soundboard. We couldn't find the exact list of songs this New Year's with horns, but this is almost exact from one other year to give an idea:

Cleaning Windows

I'm Not Feeling It Anymore

Chest Fever

Lady Blue


Let Me Into Your Heart

Wang Dang Doodle


It Makes No Difference

I am making this New Year's day of 2018 the starting point for my new Lichen project that I mentioned in a post on the Lichen Group Facebook site. This website is the website I will be using for posting pictures and blogging from etc. I am also going to set up a Facebook site just for this project. There will be so much more that will be posted and blogged about coming up. Please like the pages and share with friends to get a lot of input, excitement, fun and stories.


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