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Christiane Anna Rodriguez shared a photo to your timeline.

December 22, 2017

When a memory like this pops up on my news feed= Priceless.....I remember taking this photo and pulling everyone together to capture the joy I felt in my heart. I showed up with pink roses for everyone...just because of the LOVE I felt with this tribe! Since this time...I have lost my dear friend, lover, companion and soul brother. We started our courtship at a Lichen rage in Bedford at Slammers (oh shit...I just forgot the name before it turned to slammers! lol...getting old folks') WE all have felt the loss of this GIANT HEART! Douglas David Bernard. RIP. I will be sending pictures of the crew with Lichen playing at my baby shower at Bear Brook in 2004. Infinite Gratitude. You are missed.

Rich Eyster‎ to Lichen

February 25

The time: Saturday night, February 24, 2018. Not a time that would strike anyone as particularly auspicious. 
The place: The almost unfindable Area 23, both off the grid and yet within a siren song of the state prison.
The crowd: Granite Staters, some young, but mostly members of what gerontologists dub "PreGeezers." 
The event: Lawdie, what a party! Lawdie, what a show! 
I was brand-new to the group, though I had sensed in Charlie a becoming magic from the earliest volleyball days. Only gradually did I learn he not only liked music -- he made music -- and WHAT music! Young and Dead and even Traffic rumbled out of those gee-tars, while the humptyback whales in the crowd shimmied and shook. Not everyone was dancing -- but it wasn't hard to see what everyone was doing: grinning.
It was that kind of music.
It was that kind of night.
It is that kind of band.
Thank you to each of the marvelous musicians....and thank you especially to Charlie (and Eileen!)....!


Cathy Small

"Forever Young"


FOT 48


This is from 2015 on Mt Garfield, we were not the team to carry & assemble to the flag but we were some of the many ppl there to support & cheer them on. It’s quite amazing to witness & to think collectively this team lugged these heavy poles & giant flag up a big ol mountain.




This year on Owls Head. This was even more impressive as this mountain is deep in the woods with a 9 mile hike to a wooded/viewless summit. That takes dedication!



 I didn’t raise the flag but did hike up to Moosilauke for the event.

It was my fifth year hiking FOT48.


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