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The 2 audio recordings below are songs from Steve Cook and John Zevos performing at the radio station, WSMN, Nashua, NH, on December 27, 1999.  Here is the setlist which is mainly originals:

The Leaves on the Trees/The Train She'd Be Leaving/The Man Across Town (I'm Waiting)/Let's Get A Little Closer/Time To Breakaway/ Crusin' (I'm Ridin')/All Along The Watchtower/Alligator Alley/Lost All My Money>Mommy's in the Kitchen/Big Lazy River/Ain't Nothing No Good No More/ Double Bind/Right On Time 

The Train She'd Be Leaving - Steve Cook
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Time To Breakaway - Steve Cook and John Zevos
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This is a studio recording made at North Country Sounds in Auburn, NH in 1983, of the original song by Diane Zevos titled Plain Riding

Plain Riding - Diane Zevos
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Here are 2 tracks from New Years Eve, Wednesday, December 31, 1997, recorded live at THUMS in Concord, NH.  John assembled the Deep Fried Horns for this gig (John on alto sax and Frank on trombone) and Ben is playing the guitar (Frank Tillotson and Ben Rudnick).  Our close friend, Marty Mahon, had the reigns of this establishment for some years and Lichen had so much fun playing there and being treated like royalty by him.  It is a live recording with a glitch here and there, but well worth the listen.  

(calendar is from another year)

Chest Fever - The Band
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It Makes No Difference - The Band
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more tracks from show to come!


Marty with Lichen

Please send any THUMS photos 

Stay With Me - Rod Stewart/Ron Wood
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Bitch - Jagger/Richards
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Here are 2 more audio clips from the New Year's THUMS from December 31, 1997.  The song Bitch has the countdown from Marty himself to the New Year!

Nightclub Blues - Charlie Windhausen and John Zevos
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This Lichen clip is from Gathers No Moss, a live recording from Angelo's in Manchester, NH, on May 8, 1987.

The original song is an instrumental written by Charlie and John.  It features Dan Irizarry on harmonica with solos by the other members.  The high end is very prominent, but as I always say...worth the listen.

Del Mar view.jpg
Del Mar Island.jpg
Del Mar Island - Steve Cook and John Zevos
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Del Mar Island 1981

Del Mar Island 2016

Del Mar Island view

3/4's of Lichen lived at Del Mar Island in Ocean Beach/San Diego in 1981.  Steve Cook and John wrote the song Del Mar Island then.  The place was on Del Mar Ave. and the view to the ocean was of below......nice! 

The Right Frame of Mind - Lichen/Diane Zevos
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My message is: life happens around you and you can't control it, but you can in your head by keeping the right frame of mind.

There have been many songs played for Derek in the past is one of Charlie's from the last Trestle

(from 2/23/2019)

The Losing End - Neil Young by Lichen
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Bertha from the Village Trestle, 2/23/2019 with Wayne Hughes as special guest

allofme2019dec.mp3Artist Name
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somethingstupid.mp3Artist Name
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Here are a couple of audio tracks from the holiday party Lichen played at in December 2019. We love our instrumental/muzak sets for cocktail hours at weddings or other events, which All of Me shows. Something Stupid is similar, but we do the lyrics. We learn special songs for many gigs and Something Stupid was one that we learned for my deceased brother Danny's Celebration of Life party (because he had me do a duet with him at the Davignon for karaoke one night), but we forgot to play it in the midst of all the different combos of musicians that day. 

One of the best things about these audio tracks is that the recorder was right next to Bill's drums and it picks up so clearly all the nuances and tinkling cymbal touches of his playing. How COOL!

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