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Bear Brook State Park 9/25/1986

People from the area have probably heard of Bear Brook State Park over the years. It has camping , a public swimming area, hiking trails and much, much more (I'll include their link). But it also has an area that can be rented for events with a main covered area, an area for BBQ'ing, picnic tables, parking and a walk down to a playing field. I have been here many times, including when Lichen was hired for Christiane's event in 2004 (pictures Christiane?). In 1986, though, Lichen rented the spot for no real reason except to enjoy the day and music and play for our friends.

It was "rain or shine" but Mother Nature didn't rain on our parade. We hired our friend Dennis from the Music Factory to do our sound and we had many friends play with us.

There were minimal instructions and the biggest concern was to have a good time and enjoy the music!

There were many friends and also many family members that came to enjoy the day; some still with us only older and some have passed away (that's why we have pictures and memories).

In the photo on the left are my mother Janet, John's Aunt Joan, John's mother Pauline (who are no longer with us) and those that are older now: my niece Jill, my nephew Erik and our daughter Alyssia. The photo above right is of Alyssia and I and she is wearing, appropriately, her green Lichen t-shirt.

In 1986, Lichen's drummer was Roger Weeks (Bill joined in 1988) and Bob Craig was a regular player. It's so funny to see some of the equipment we were using at that time: the strobe tuner (I think it was a Conn) (I see the Rhodes top is off, must've broken tines and/or had to tune with the Conn) ; the Mini Moog; my Rhodes piano (it had to be replaced because with this band....loud and live... the Rhodes just couldn't cut it); my Arp String Ensemble (sometimes the old things can't be replaced so easily...I loved the sound of the strings on the Arp, check out my solo on the Double Bind video compilation); apparently John's amp....he didn't care for it; and Charlie's old bass speaker cabinet. Also, I think my equipment container/piano bench is not very portable, but looks comfy.

Special guests that day were Rajiv Sodlapur on the flute and Dan Irizarry on the harmonica.

As with any gig, the crowd is everything. I want to leave the crowd photos large so people can check them out and see if they are in them. I'm surprised to see who some of the Lichengoers were around back then. We love you guys. One Lichen friend that was such a supporter and took many pictures at the time was Linda Windhausen and I wanted to include this picture of her doing just that.

This is the setlist for that day. I hope it's accurate and I must say....a lot of songs into the next songs.


Time To Breakaway

Big Boss Man


Turn On Your Lovelight


Beat It On Down The Line

Me And Bobby McGee

Playing In The Band

Sugar Magnolia>

The Greatest Story Ever Told


Everybody Ought To Make A Change>


Cold Rain And Snow

Eyes Of The World>

Smokestack Lightning

Not Fade Away>

Midnight Hour

Double Trouble>

Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?>

Fire On The Mountain>

Scarlet Begonias


Blues Power>

The Promised Land


One More Saturday Night>

Good Lovin'

John and I are listening to the tapes......cassette tapes!...... and if any song is presentable, we'll put on the Lichen audio music page.

Here are a few more pictures to view and if anyone has any pictures of their own or any comments, please go to facebook lichenarchives and make a post for me.

comments on facebook:

Dean Varney I was there - dancing in a cast post knee surgery. I remember Rajiv Sodlapur being amazed by a tangle of wires in front of the sound board during the break. Creedance Heard it through the Grapevine was playing.

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