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Thursday, August 10, 1995, O'Donnell's

Jerry Garcia Christmas Ball

As I gaze at the Jerry Christmas ornament that gets hung on John and My's Christmas tree every year, I am reminded of one the most special shows that Lichen has ever participated in. When Jerry died suddenly in August 1995, anyone who loved the Grateful Dead was devastated and realized that things would never be the same again. That Thursday everyone looking for comfort and friends came to O'Donnell's Irish Tavern in Bedford, NH. We wanted to share our grief with all others that were grieving too, but the love for him and his music turned the night into JOY...........the joy of friends. I will never forget playing his music and looking out into the huge, packed audience for that small club with all our friends, past and present, singing and swaying and holding each other...... and crying I am sure.

Here is the setlist:




Tennessee Jed

Uncle John's Band

Franklin's Tower

Eyes Of The World

Let It Rock

Mississippi Half-Step


Fire On The Mountain

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

China Cat>

I Know You Rider


He's Gone>


We Bid You Goodnight

We had some wonderful special guest players that night: Don Davis, Bed Rudnick, Dillon Peters, and Ian Horseman.

I don't think we have any pictures of that night. Please if you have any pictures send them to me or post them......and also any stories, everyone must remember that night. We would love to read them and see any pictures to bring it all back.

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