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We have been playing gigs since 1981 and as we have been reworking our identity since Johns cancer these past few years, I have had many people say to me "Remember when you played on Wednesdays at La Cantina........LOVED those old times!!  And many similar statements like that.  We are all thankful for what we still have and we treasure our time to share with our friends.  So I have been thinking of doing something like this page for a while now and this is the beginning of it. Probably not every week, but on a regular basis.

Remember when we played the first gig at La Cantina on Wednesday December 3, 1986?  Well at the end of that night, one of our friends lifted a case of beer.  We wondered if we would have another gig there.......well we know that answer!
Here is the setlist:


Brown-Eyed Girl
Out on the Weekend
Deep Elem Blues
Can't Find My Way Home
Simple Twist of Fate
Me and my Uncle
The Hobo Song

The Santa Fe>
Right On Time  (Lichen originals)
The Weight
Friend of the Devil
Wild Horses
Sailors Hornpipe
Matty Groves
Cumberland Blues


Dark Hollow
Big River
Bird Song
Raised on Robbery
Mississippi Hlf-Step Uptown Toodle-oo
Dream Away
El Paso>
I Know You Rider
Crippled Inside
erncore:  Easy Wind

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